Provillus Review

Provillus Review

Hair loss is something both male and female suffers from and most people seeks for the right solution for hair treatment to grow their hair back. Most of us the internet is probably the best place to find the information we are looking for. However for some time now most information we find or product review we find online are most like are just advertisement methods. Chances since most or some information that we find are advertising methods chances you will not find anything but positive things about the products since it is an advertising method. This article will review Provilllus a hair growth product for both men and women.  This article will go over both good and bad information or reviews about the Provillus.

Provillus Review For Men
Provillus Review For Men






What Is Provillus

As mentioned earlier Provillus is a hair growth treatment for both men and women. Each version comes with a solution that is applied to the scalp and it also comes with vitamin supplements that supports the solution. It is important that a female would use the female version and males use the male version for best result. Both Provillus for men and women have ingredients that is approved with the FDA (United Stated Food and Drug Administration) to treat male and female pattern baldness. One if its ingredient that makes Provilus work is Minoxidil.  After doing search in Google to see what Minoxidil is? Sites such as Web MD, Wikipedia, and others pretty much said the same thing about Minoxidil. In short Minoxidil slows down or even stop hair loss and promotes hair growth.

Provillus Review For Women
Provillus Review For Women





What People Say About Provillus

The Good

  • When used with the topical solution,this product delivers.I started seeing results after about 4 or 5 weeks.I have been using it now for almost two months and it is really kicking in.It seems to have prevented further hair-loss and really rejuvenated new growth.Just wanted to express some gratitude to the makers of this product and,I for one am really excited about the results I am seeing.The only thing you stand to lose by not checking out this product is more hair.
  • This product works miracles!! I’m 23 was losing my hair right in the middle! Went on YouTube came across provillus and now my hair is growing back!! Within a month However, I did use the product with rogain foam! Bottom line it works A++
  • As expected, the product is one best for me for years. Anyone loosing hair should use this product.
  • I started to use this product in early 2010 and still using it but stopped using it in the middle of the year and my hair started to fall off very rapidly.. Now I have started to use it again but I am quite sure now that it stops your hair from falling, but does not RE GROW the hair which have been lost .

The Bad

  • Helped not very much, product could use some updating on the 21st century. I mean I seen something but it took months to see anything. Will try something else, nice to try but it’s a fail for me.
  • the main thing is magnesium, men do not retain the magnesium as when they were children. Make sure you get the time release.
  • Used the product for 4 months and did not see any change. I was just taking the pills though not the overall treatment. Im sure mixed with the proper menidoxil treatment (like the company recommends) then it works fine.
  • I took 1 pill on 3 different days and experienced heartburn and irritation of the lungs, coughing and tightness in the chest


Provillus Review Conclusion

The results on Provilus varies, it works for some and others not so much. To be honest this is to be expected since we are all different. On a good note Provillus does have a risk free trial if you feel the product is not for you.

Also the results could take some time, results are supposed to show within two months. However, it could also take up to a year to see strong results. Lastly you also have to keep using Provillus  otherwise hair loss can start once again

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